Create a flower arrangement whilst relaxing in the floral energy of flowers.

Time:  4pm – 6pm

Date:  Saturday 28th October 2023

Venue: The Sunflower Centre, 81 Tressillian Rd, London SE4 1XZ

Price:  £65


The Workshop ...

Join in this therapeutic flower arranging workshop as you weave the energy of autumn deeper within you.  If you are entering the energy of autumn with acceptance, anticipation or anxiety, come along and be with like-minded people as you play with the beautiful colours that autumn brings in the form of flowers.
As you notice the days getting shorter and the nights become longer, you deepen the departure of the long summer days.
When you see yourself as one with the cycles of nature you begin to embrace the changes that life brings.  This Flower Arranging Workshop will help you to keep your inner light burning bright with the therapeutic energy that the flowers provide you for the longer nights that lay ahead of you.


 Action ...............

The workshop is all about you deciding to take time out to connect with yourself, 
You don't have to be a lover of flowers, or to have any floristry skills to be able to join in the workshop, everything that you need will be provided for you and anything that you need to learn will be facilitated by me, Yvette Munasinghe (The Spiritual Flower Lady).   
If you have a love for flowers, enjoy being creative or want to try something new, this flower arranging workshop is for you. No experience is necessary.


Creativity and connectivity ..............

Under the guidance of Yvette (The Spiritual Flower Lady) you will ...

  • Learn how create your flower arrangement, as a bouquet or in a container.
  • Find time for some relaxation, and a little meditation.
  • Be taught how to care for and condition your flowers.
  • Taught how to do a single flower meditation.
  • Learn the meaning behind your chosen flowers.
  • Taught how to connect with the energy of flowers.
  • Begin to see flowers through different eyes.

Each flower has been intuitively selected specifically for this Flower  Arranging Workshop and the people attending.  We will also discuss the meaning behind the flowers in your bouquet. 


Flower energy ...........

After tapping into your creativity with your flower arranging, the energy of the flowers will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric with the creation you are taking away with you as a gift for yourself or for someone else. 

The energy of one, some or maybe even all the flowers will resonate with you in some form. Whether it be a chakra, angelic or colour connection, I am sure you will walk away from the workshop feeling full of floral energy.


Refreshments will be provided, along with all flowers, foliage, tools, and other materials required.