Flower bouquets, Flower Therapy Workshop

Autumn Flower Therapy Workshop


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Create a bouquet arrangement whilst relaxing in the floral energy of flowers.

Time:  10:00am - 1:00pm

Date:  Sunday 28th October 2018

Venue:  Beckenham Place Mansion, Beckenham Place Park,  BR3 1SY


The Workshop ......

This workshop we will about going into Autumn and Winter.  We begin to feel the departure of the long sunny days.  The leaves on the trees change colour and the trees become bear, this is an indication of change . The shedding of an outer layer, just as animals prepare for hibernation during the cold months, we too must prepare ourselves for the change, we begin to go within and stay inside a lot more as daylight grows shorter and the nights become long and we snuggle up under our duvets and blankets. 

We must keep the light on that shines inside us to brighten up and bring light to the days when the weather outside is wet and cold and we don't feel like doing anything.  We need to remind ourselves to uplift our spirits, a little  laughter goes a long way to raise our vibration.  we will work with flowers that have the wonderful bright colours that Autumn can bring.


 Action ........

You will begin by doing a mini meditation, to connect with yourself, bringing you into your present mind.  

The workshop is all about you taking time out and connecting to yourself, being one in the present moment.


Creativity and connectivity........

 You will be guided on how to connect with flowers through a single flower meditation.  You will learn how to prepare your flowers to create your spiral bouquet and be given a demonstration on how to begin, before you are encouraged to tap into your own creativity.

Each flower has been intuitively selected specifically for this Flower Workshop and the people attending.  We will also discuss the meaning behind each flower in your bouquet. 


Flower energy .......

The energy of the flowers will leave you relaxed after connecting with your creativity.  You will leave the workshop happy, recharged and with a sense of pride with the creation you take away.  The energy of one, some or maybe even all of the flowers will resonate with you in some form. Whether it be a chakra connection or a colour, I am sure you will walk away from the workshop feeling full of floral energy and on a natural high.

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Refreshments will be provided, along with all flowers, foliage and other materials required.  

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To book a one to one Flower Therapy session with flowers tailored for your specific needs, or  a group workshop with friends or colleagues for team building, please get in touch with me.

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