Intuitive Healing and Flower Healing Session


Intuitive Flower Healing is all about using the energy of flowers (if in person actual flowers) are placed on and around the body, to bring a relaxing, calm flow of energy, to your mind, body and soul.

Your body can become clogged by harmful chemicals that you use or ingest, it could even be through negative thoughts.  The words you speak are your diet, they can be supportive of you or the can hurt you.  

The spirit of the flower is working with me to help your body, bringing it back into alignment.  They will guide me to which part of your body needs cleansing, it could be your leg, arm, shoulder, or an organ due to the emotions that could be held there such as anger, resentment or fear.  Each session is unique and bespoke to the individual person.  I am guided in my work with the flowers to bring healing, to a part of your body that needs it.  Every flower has a message and a reason for connecting with you.

To receive the most from your healing session, with or without flowers, it is best to come with an open mind and open heart to be able to fully receive your healing and all that is being offered to you.

During an in-person session the flowers are placed on or around your body.  Due to the current health climate all healing sessions are done remotely.  You can still receive the full benefits from distant healing. 

Throughout your session I will receive messages highlighting areas in your life you may need to work on or actions that you may need to take.  I will also be given the reasons why particular flowers are being used and why it is being placed in specific areas.  All information I receive will be shared with you are the end of your session.

The information I receive during the session will be discussed with you at the end of your healing.  You may feel or be guided to connect more with nature after your session.  There will always be a tool you take away with you, to help you with what took place.

Your Flower Healing Session will be recorded for you to keep and refer to as often as you need. You will also receive an email of the images of the flowers that were came through for you during your session.

My Intuitive Flower Healing Sessions are all about you clearing your energy, leaving you feeling so much lighter, relaxed and more balanced.  You will feel much happier within yourself and will also gain clarity on particular areas in your life, that you need to focus on right now, to help you move forward, leaving you feeling a deeper connection to you. 

You will be left feeling a shift in your wellbeing, your mental state of mind and with the sensation of having had a beautiful deep sleep, leaving you in total relaxation.

You will receive a free follow up session if you have booked a programme for 3 sessions.


There are many energies that I connect to when I am doing healings, one is predominately flowers the other is a shamanic healing which comes through as a channel for me to conduct my healings through.  

The healing takes place intuitively and is unique, individual and personal to the person who is receiving the healing. 

The healing can take place as a journey, an Akashic Record Reading which gives you a greater understanding of where you are and what is taking place in your life.  The healing can become many things, it is all based on where I am guided to work on you.
Here is what a couple of clients had to say about their healing sessions.

"I would like to say that I was unaware of the power behind flower therapy until one day I was feeling so heavy in my head. I literally said to Yvette 'please get this out of my head'. Unscheduled she began a session on me. I had no idea what to expect but expect the unexpected, to be open to receive. I laid there with my eyes closed and placed my hands on my heart (unguided by Yvette) and went into visualisation. I saw many things and released what needed to be released at that point. I felt lighter literally in about 30 mins. This was without a booked appointment, so she didn't have time to tune into me. I need to book another session to continue to see what she uncovers. We are like onions, many layers that when peeled can cause tears but you still want to remove the next layer."

"I was recently introduced to Yvette in an unusual way, little did I know the universe was bringing us together for good reason. It became apparent to me that I needed some help with past life regression, so I asked Yvette to delve in with one of her Akashic Record journeys to see what she could uncover.

I can't explain how much our session helped me; it gave me clarity on things I could feel but didn't quite understand. The outside perspective was exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so grateful that Yvette was able to pick up on certain past life experiences that I was sensing but needed further clarification on. I would highly recommend this kind of session to anyone who is questioning the relevance of certain people, situations, fears and experiences in this lifetime, linking them to past lives can actually help us move forward. Thank you Yvette x"