Menopause and You - Embracing the Transition

A three-day weekly programme Friday 30th April, Friday 7th May and Friday 14th May Live Zoom session at 7.30pm til 9.30pm Price: £99.00

Gather together and share your wisdom, with what we have been going through, the overwhelm and the underwhelm. 

If you are perimenopause, going through menopause or are postmenopausal, come together and share your tips and remedies of what you are doing to help yourself cope with your journey, or come and listen to what others have to share on their menopause journey.

I’ll bring us the flowers that can help us with some of the emotions we are going through, we will do some healing with meditation to help us navigate the transitions to the next stage of our lives. 

This is the time for us to embrace the learned one, who is there to help us accept where we are and who we are at this moment in our lives.

There’s no point in fighting it, we can only embrace it, caress it and care for the flow we are currently moving in.  Things are so much easier in life when we sit and share our experiences with others, so we know that we're not alone with our thoughts and emotions.  As the saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved.  By sharing what you are going through with the heightened emotions, hot flushes, anxiety and mood swings can help you tremendously with coping and knowing that there are ladies going through the same thing that you are, as they we exchange advise and tips on how they are coping.

We are all students and at the same time teachers of life as we share what we have been through and learned.

Menopause can kick in quite early for some women.  If you are under 40 when it happens it can be mind-blowing to say the least, and it would definitely be, why the hell is this happening to me so early.

For me, I discovered in my late 30’s that my hormones must have been in balanced tremendously in my 20’s from what my homeopath told me, when she subscribed some lovely squid ink-based drops for me to take for the hormone in balancing she was treating me for at that time in my life.

Isn’t it wonderful how we take note of how we move through life, as each milestone in age comes, we discover something more about ourselves and what changes we want to bring about.

For me my thirties were all about being a good mother and creating a loving environment.  Did you find when you approached thirty, you begun to assess your life,  where you were, and what you really wanted to be doing?

The forties are the years when we begin to take a stance in life and not worry too much about what other people have to say, and begin to speak more of our minds, unapologetically as well, as we are more in tuned with who we are and what we stand for. 

In was in my late thirties that I knew there was a change going on in my body, I was going through the menopause and went to my doctor, who was young (as she appeared to be in her late twenties, I decided to look at her more as a child) as she was telling me that I am too young to be going through the menopause and was very dismissive of me.  At that time, I didn’t realise it was called perimenopause, to say the least, by the time she came around to understanding that I was perimenopausal, I knew for myself and decided to check out what to expect and talk to my sisters about what I was going through.  That being said, it was more a discussion on the physical symptoms and not the emotional ones, this was something that unfolded for me to learn for myself.

Many women I have spoken to have said similar things, “that their mother didn’t really speak about what they were experiencing, when they were going through it, they were doers and just got on with it".

I did reflect back in time and tried to see the moments that I caught in myself being menopausal,  and wondered when those same reactions might have taken place with my mum.  The times of emotional despair, the mood swings, anxiety and even depression, the times where even the slightest thing can become an explosion, topped with the physical things that people can see such as the hot flushes and the sudden burst of sweat.  I wondered how I never noticed it, or did I and just dismissed it being young and busy.

I do see strength in the women who have soldiered on with life as this transition took place but also feel how much stronger they may have felt if they were able to speak outwardly about what they were going through, so they may not have been left to feel that they were going through it all alone and that it wasn’t so taboo to speak about this change of growth, a rite of passage that we as women undertake.

Rather than hide this transition we go through, I’m all for showing and sharing it for what it is.  I have created a three-week journey for us ladies who are beginning, going through it or who have moved through it, to join together in a group which I love to call a Circle, where we can share all that we are going through with other like-minded women, transitioning into a learned position in life.

It’s the natural flow of our body saying, welcome my beautiful soul, you have grown from a child, to a young lady and now have earned your place amongst those in our world as a wise one, an elder.  A transition is taking place for you to take your position with the energy of the sage, full of knowledge and wisdom in all your glory.  No high achievement is gained with ease, the journey is a worthwhile one as you gain your new position in life.

  • There will be modules to help us reflect on, as we move through each week.
  • A weekly gathering in Zoom, to meet and share our knowledge and thoughts with each other.
  • We will also learn about flowers that can help us with the emotions we are feeling.
  • There will be a meditation during our zoom sessions that will help us with what we need to work through.

Join me on this three-week journey where we will meet up for three days with the energy of flowers to aid us with our menopause by clicking on the subscribe button below.

We begin with a weekly connection through zoom every Friday to discuss how we are feeling as we share our tips and remedies with each other.

There will be a flower for us to focus our attention on each week as we collectively tune into the energy of the group to decide on what flower energy, we are most in need of as we feel into the essence of that flower with a flower meditation.

The energy for the whole three weeks will be feminine energy, to help us through this transition of moving into the next stage of our lives as we embrace the sage woman in us, with her knowledge, wisdom and acceptance of change. 

This is no medical prescription, it is a tonic.  It is a place to gather together to exchange, express, release and speak about how you are coping or coped with navigating this stage in your life.  It is three weeks to have company, understanding to aid you with your well-being and state of mind.