Open Up To Hear The Whispers


With the Power of Flowers

Flowers have a way of helping you to focus by relaxing your mind and helping you to be present in their energy and the essence of yourself, so you can hear the whispers of your intuition to open up that reconnection to yourself and relight a fire that is a flicker inside of you. 

Without realising it, when you connect with flowers the natural quintessence automatically influences you, transporting and conveying its healing message to you.

Flowers have a way of .........

  • Sparking off a sense of nostalgia.

  • Enhancing your mood and lifting your spirits as they catch your attention with their beauty.

  • Bringing a sense of relaxation and calmness into your life.

Their messages of guidance help you with you heal and attain your needs and desires.  Sometimes you find that a particular flower catches your eye, you seem to see it everywhere you go. There is a reason, the flower wants you to pay attention to the message it has for you.

Flowers have a way of bringing up the most important thing you need to work on at a particular time in your life.  You may be thinking about a decision you need to make, the flowers lead you to work on another area of your life, that you need to focus on, which will help you to find the answer to what you need.  They have a gift of getting to the forefront of an issue, it is sometimes a place you never thought the answer would be.

We all know how flowers can brighten up a room with the colours and the natural perfume they possess.  They can enhance the mood of a person just by being presented as a gift. 

The first step with a flower connection is with your eyes.  Flowers evoke many emotions within us, through sight, touch and scent.  Emotions which can trigger reactions of comfort and familiarity transporting us back in time to a place of memories such as childhood or to past loved ones. 

Connecting with flowers has given me a connection to myself that I never had before.  It has deepened my connection to nature by allowing me to know that there is something much deeper than what my eyes can see. 

When you are connecting with flowers you are connecting with the Spirits of Nature, which include Archangels and Fairies.

Opening up your creativity

Creativity comes in the form of many things, it could be writing, poetry, painting singing, dancing public speaking and so much more.  Tapping into your creativity is getting you to connect to yourself and do things that used to light you up.  There are times you may try to do something and it doesn't work out, so you push it to the side  and let that dream go.  Opening up your creativity is getting you to connect to your sacral chakra to move and awaken the energy within, so you can begin to relight a fire that yearns to burn inside of you. 

We all have a flame within us that can sometimes burn bright and there are times when our flame has become a little dull, small, reduced or just left as a flicker, waiting to be reignited.

My flame became a little dull and reduced to a flicker after I had my children and directed all my energy into working and bringing them up. 

As the years go by we can sometimes reflect on the way things were, what used to light us up and get us excited about doing what we loved.

It is just a glitch, a little part of us that has slipped away as we journey through life, experiencing changes and evolving as a human being.  There will always come a time to relight our fire if we take notice of how we are feeling inside or tune into the signs that the universe send our way.

Reconnecting to things in your past that used to excite you and light you up need not be a daunting experience, reconnecting and opening it up helps you approach it in a different way. 

Flowers have opened up a side of me that I had put to sleep, there used to be a time when people told me “I always had something to say” to many years when there was nothing I had to say.  I became a quiet version of me with focusing all my attention on bringing up my children and just moving through life sometimes with a sense of melancholy, feeling there was something missing. 

Working with flowers and discovering that flowers have energetic healing properties and messages for us, has given me my voice back and has me singing to a different tune.  It’s a tune that connects me to my abilities, opening up my creativity and my power within.

For me it came in the form of Flower Workshops.  Losing that passion and fire within, can create a sense of loss, it can leave you with a sense of low self-esteem, low self-worth and a dip in your personal power.

Hearing the whispers of your Intuition

Shutting out the outside noise and silencing the voices within your mind brings you to.a place of silence and getting you to hear the whispers of your intuition.

What is intuition; it's the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

It is also the thing that resides inside of you that gives you guidance and lets you know when something isn't all that it seems to be.  It's that gut feeling that you get.

  • Have you sometimes got a brilliant idea or thought that has come up in your mind and not acted on it, thinking it's too far out of reach, or out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you find it hard to hear the thoughts in your head, not knowing  what you should take notice of because of the noise surrounding you?
  • Do you sometimes have someone's name pop up in your mind and you think you should call them or pop around to see them but never get around to doing it?
  • Do you often get a feeling that something isn't right and dismiss it as a thought of you're just being silly, nothing's going to go wrong?

If you've answered yes to these questions, then you are not listening to your intuition.

That idea, that popped up into your head, the person's name coming into your thoughts and the notion that something doesn't feel right is your intuition speaking to you.

You intuition, is that gentle voice advising you to do something, it's that funny feeling you get in your stomach when you feel good about something and it's also the feeling when something isn't right.

Your intuition sometimes doesn't appear to be that obvious because it's not screaming out at you and making itself heard in a blatant way.

When you trust in your intuition, not only are you tuning into what your mind and body are feeling, you are also tuning into the energy around you, it's what the universe is setting up for you.  Synchronicities begin to happen because you are acting on what it is you are being called to do. 

Image how good it would feel if you ......

  • Quietened down your mind and silenced the noise in your head to hear what thought was most important to you right now.
  • Acknowledged and took action on that idea that popped up into your head because it opened the door for someone who needed to work with you.
  • Contacted the person on that same day that they popped up in your mind, realising that they needed help from you.

Your intuition plays a part in your life that, can have a reaction in the lives of others.  You may not realise it until you act on it.

A Paid Membership Group

Open Up to Hear the Whispers is a paid membership group held on Facebook.

The purpose of this group is to help you to see flowers through different eyes, eyes that do not just see the beauty along but the loving energy behind each flower, opening yourself up to a deeper connection to you, flowers and to Mother Nature.

In the group I will help you to hear the whispers of your intuition and to open up your Clair Senses with the Power of Flowers.

In this membership group I will teach you and help you to connect to your individual uniqueness, using different techniques to connect with the flowers.  You will learn to know which of your physic abilities enhance your connection with the flowers, allowing you to develop a deeper connection to yourself, for healing and hearing the messages you need in your life.

You will connect with a different flower each week, learning about the properties of each one as I guide you on how to connect with the flowers through a live video with me.  If you can't catch the live with me due to different time zones, you can always watch the replay.

Each month I will go live in the group once a week either through Zoom or directly live on Facebook.  
Your group memebership will consist of:

  • A flower guidance reading once a month.
  • Learning to get a deeper connection to flowers.  
  • An introduction to a flower each week, as I teach you how to connect with it, so you can listen to the messages that your intuition has been trying to tell you.
  • Tapping into your unique abilities and your Clair Senses, recognising which one works best for you when connecting to the flowers..
  • An interpretation of the messages you receive from the flower, so you can gain clarity and a better understanding.
  • Every week we will connect with the energy of a different flower.
  • You will uncover the energetic properties (the spirit) of the particular flower we work on.
  • You will get to know and connect with the Archangels and Chakras that each of these flowers are associated with.
  • You will do a meditation with each flower to help you get a deeper connection with it, thus enhancing your connection to self.
  • Over time in the group you will learn what flowers can help you in all aspects of your life, eg, with grief, love, happiness and abundance.

In my work I encourage women who have felt a sense of loss with their identity or who are looking for a sense of direction, a reconnection to themselves to reignite a passion they once had and to relight a fire that burns within.  Giving them the tools to be able to help them to move through life.

I encourage you to play in Mother Nature’s playground and to ….

  • Develop a deeper connection to understanding yourself and your needs.
  • Open up your creativity.
  • Reconnect to a flame within.

What I love about seeing the connection that people get from connecting with the flowers is that sense of reconnection to themself. 

I created a four day flower journey event on Facebook in July and this is what some of the ladies who joined had to say:

"This has been awesome!! Great reminders to open up to our creativity through mother nature and how healing she can be for our mind, body and spirit."

"My dreams have been different also! Hard to explain but the energy in them has changed!"

 "I have terrible dreams and I feel they have been much better."

"I have a new found understanding about flowers and the messages they can convey. Your interpretations have been so spot on for me and it’s made the whole experience so much more special. Thank you for opening my eyes a little further and adding this beautiful practice to my chest of tools to help support myself.
Most importantly I have learnt that it’s ok to still need healing and with more self love I can heal and move forward."

"This workshop gave me the opportunity to connect with not only the flowers but the archangels and chakras associated with the flowers, my meditations have been deeper and Beautiful and I feel my viberation has increased so much , I feel a excitement about what I want to do and learn more about. A flame 🔥 that has been well stamped out in the last year has been Reignited. Thank you for the workshop and the knowledge I have learned"

I have to say, the flowers and their messages were VERY supportive for me this week for different issues i was processing & going through.
Carnation reminded me to Trust, Yellow Lilly reminded me to stand tall in my strength & power (while also helping me heal some 💰 issues which led to manifesting FREE ($5&$10 money coupons and two unexpected checks in the mail yesterday!), and red rose brought me heart healing and support from passed loved ones!!  Loved it!!

What takes part in this group is a section of my Power of Flowers Healer Certification Programme and is part of the Spiritual Flower Lady’s, Power of Flowers Academy.

The group opens up on Tuesday 1st September.

Sign up and join the membership group with a monthly subscription of just £35 (approx $46.00) it will be a place where you can explore mother nature’s wonderful gift.

The will be a free flower guidance reading, which is worth £95, with me for the first 5 people who sign up to join by the 31st August, before the group doors officially open on the 1st September.

Subscribe to membership

When you sign up you will then be sent a notification to join the group.