Open up your Heart to Love

Open up your Heart to Love with the power of the Red Rose The Red Rose carries a vibration of love.  It helps you attract the love that you deserve and enhances passion in romance and relationships.   

Nature can be a reflection of ourselves, as we watch the changes it goes through from Spring, Summer, through to Autumn.  When it arrives to Winter, we see her bare her all, the trees are stripped back to bare bones revealing everything that has been hiding underneath.  Sometimes our experiences in love can do this to us, it can break us, make us crumble, strip us back as we reveal everything about ourselves to someone, only for them to depart, or walk away.  It can also make us feel whole, complete, full and overflowing in our heart.  Our heart is where we hold onto many of our experiences.

Having our hearts experience pain from losing a loved one to death, an end of a relationship or from heartbreak can cause wounds to our hearts.  Harsh words spoken from others or by us can also be held in our hearts.  If we don't look at the wounds they have caused and send them love to heal it, we just end up carrying them around with us.  If we don’t send love to that situation or that part of our heart it will be like the cut remains open and does not heal. 

With the healing energy of the Red Rose, we can fill these cuts and wounds with love, sealing them so they are no longer open with the pain associated with them.  When we fill ourselves up with love we begin to vibrate on a different level and our vibration of love will then be felt by the people we are trying to attract.

The essence of a rose is one of highest frequencies you can find in flowers.  It has a vibration of 320 Mhz .  Taking in that essence can only do one thing for you, and that is to make you feel so much better about yourself.

If you are seeking love after a breakup, have lost a loved one or are just in need of a little more love for yourself, the red rose will get to the root of the cause and seal it with love.  Even if you have been in the hardest position because of love, know that flowers grow in the harshest conditions and so can your love.

I discovered that Roses are one of the hardiest plants going, and that the oldest rose bush in the world is one in the Hildesheim Cathedral, in Germany which is over 1,000 years old.  It even survived the bombing which destroyed the Cathedral, but the roots of the rose bush survived.

The Circle
Melting old wounds of the heart helps you to move on with your life.  If you are moving on from losing your partner or a loved one, please know that you are not forgetting them, you are merely cutting the cords that keeps you from moving forward with your life.  When you hold on to that energy, it's the energy that keeps your heart belonging to someone else. 

This  will be based on a meditation about love and healing the one place on our body that it flows from, our heart.  With the spirits of nature, the Archangels and the Red Rose, I will hold the space for you to reflect on the love you have for yourself and others, and to set about healing the hurt you may have incurred along the way.

The Red Rose has the energetic property to help you melt away wounds of the heart, dissolving the cords that have kept you attached to the past.  Its energy will fill areas in your heart that are wounded with love, leaving you vibrating on a higher frequency of love, vibrating on a level that will attract you to you, as you catch a glance of your reflection.  It will have you vibrating on a level that will catch the attention of someone on your frequency, as you will feel more open to receiving the love that you need or indeed are looking for.

Sometimes you find it so easy to give love to others and yet, are not open to receiving or showing love to yourself.  This will be a meditation to help you with just that.  We will look at the definition of love and set about healing wounds that our heart may have felt.  This may have been through words, the loss of a loved one or how you may have been hurt or don't show yourself enough love.  The Red Rose will help you to begin to heal the energy around this. 

If you are looking to find a new partner in life, people may find it difficult to approach you with this energy of being attached to someone else running in your energetic field.  Without you realising it, they too feel that your heart belongs to someone else, so they will not connect with you the way you want them to.

This gathering will help you to open up to receiving love and to receive the messages that the Red Rose has from your heart.  It's a beautiful treat for yourself for Valentine's Day.  

The mediation will help you connect to your heart to help you if you are seeking to love yourself just that little bit more or want to allow yourself to show more love to others.

The Red Rose Circle will be held in a group conducted via zoom.  It will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session due to living in different time zones or not being available at the time of workshop.  A link will be sent to enable you to view the recording.

I invite you to buy yourself some red roses to bring along with you to the workshop, this will be helpful for you when we do the meditation as I will be showing you ways of how to connect to the energy of the red rose so you will be able to feel the energy for yourself in the physical form.  Please don't worry if you don't have any actual roses with you, you will feel the loving, healing energy of the rose during the meditation.

During the gathering I will share with you some tips on caring for your roses and how to test for their freshness.  I will also teach you some techniques on how you can connect to the energy of the rose.  After the meditation, I invite you to share your experience and what you received from its energy and interpret your message for you. 

The Circle will take place at 8pm GMT on Thursday 11th February.

As we are in strange times right now, I invite you to make a donation for the workshop and pay what you can. 

You will see a scale, for the workshop with pricing from £5 – £45. 

£45 is the recommended price for this event, but I invite you to choose which amount you feel comfortable with paying, due to the uncertain times we are in.

This pricing has been created to give everyone an opportunity to receive some healing of the heart, for everyone to have a little time out for themselves to receive some love, whatever their financial circumstances, we are in a time where some people are truly struggling and others are doing fine.  The one thing we are all have in common right now is the strangeness that this pandemic has brought to all of our lives.  We all need healing, and paying what you can is a way for us all to support each other so we can continue the healing we all so deserve.

As you click on the button to book your space you will see a drop-down menu with suggested amounts for donation.

I look forward to connecting with you as you take in the essence of the Red Rose.