Spring Wreath Making Workshop

Flower Therapy Workshop and Circle

Date:  Saturday 26th March - 3pm - 6pm  (GMT)
Online - Zoom
Price:  £35 -
Please see investment section at the bottom of the page.
Price:  £65 -
Please see investment section at the bottom of the page.


SPRING is on its way, and I'm sure you can feel it's beautiful uplifting energy, with all the Daffodils that are on show, the crocus flowers popping their heads above ground and the trees beginning to blossom with their delicate flowers. 

It brings such a beautiful energy with new beginnings and looking forward to the sunnier days that are to follow, filling you with excitement and expectations of what’s to come.   

How does spring make you feel?  Does it leave you feeling a little uplifted because the days are getting brighter, and the flowers are beginning to blossom?  Does it make you feel a sense of hope? 

It’s no wonder, after all, spring is the beginning of the astrological new year, It is where the zodiac cycle begins with the sign of Aries. 

Did you know, March is a month to celebrate, recognise and acknowledge the achievement of women.  I thought it was just the 8th of March for Women’s International Day as a day of recognition, it seems that the month continues with being known as Women’s History Month, a time to remind ourselves of the accomplishments of women. 

I felt a lot of feminine energy around for this month and creating the Flower Therapy Wreath Making Workshop was one I wanted to do, setting the intention of honouring ourselves as women, our mothers, sisters, the women who came before us and those who will come after us.  It’s just in time for Mother’s day here in the UK on the 27th  of March.  


Creating a wreath is another way of creating a flower arrangement, the difference is that it's not going in a vase. 

The symbolism of wreaths has been around for many years and represented in many cultures and religious believes.  Some people see a wreath as something you create for funerals, or at Christmas time.  Wreaths can be created any time it could be to symbolise a time of year, an occasion or simply as a decoration.

I see a wreath symbolising a circle, the no beginning or ending, I love its continuousness.  What does a circle mean to you?

If you feel like you want to tap into your creative energy, come and join other like-minded women and be held in the flower energy of the Daisy who reminds us to relax and unwind, to stop doing so much for others and to take time out for ourselves. 

This is a lovely workshop for people of all levels and all ages, no experience is necessary,  

It can be a wonderful gift for yourself, a friend, loved one, or as a Mother's Day gift.  

It is for anyone who feels they want to tap into their creativity or for someone who wants to have a little Flower Therapy to take time out for themself to reconnect. 

Why I call my flower workshops Flower Therapy, is because it is space created for you to relax and unwind and connect with your inner self, for you to become present in your mind, whilst absorbing all the healing energy flowers offer us for our mental state of mind and well-being.  It's time created where I encourage you to tap into your creativity (your stomach area) opening your sacral chakra, where you will begin to feel your dynamics stimulated and the energy start to flow.  You will feel the fire inside of you begin to light up as you connect with your solar plexus chakra, and feel your energy radiate throughout you as you set the intention for your creation. 

Your solar plexus chakra houses your self-esteem and confidence, what a great way to continue working on your inner strength and your feminine power as you come to the end of March.   
The Workshop is space created to encourage you to become present in your mind and express your uniqueness with the creation of your wreath, as we touch on the symbolism of circles and the significance of Mothering Sunday. 

 We will do a short mediation before we begin which you will calm your mind and center you to begin tapping into your creativity. 

The Flowers for the workshop have been intuitively chosen for the participants attending. The energy of one, some or maybe even all the flowers will resonate in some form.  Whether it be a chakra connection or an angelic one, I am sure you will walk away from the workshop happy, feeling full of floral energy, confident in your ability to create future wreaths and euphoric with your creation.   

Please see investment section at the bottom of the page to see which way you would prefer to join the workshop.

You will find your Flower Therapy a relaxing experience but yet filled with fun and enjoyment. 


Yvette Munasinghe - The Spiritual Flower Lady

As a Circle holder and facilitator, I love closing workshops and Circles with reflection.  At the end of our time together we will reflect on what connecting to flowers did for you and the energy you were held in to create your wreath. 

The Workshop is created for you to express yourself through your creativity as you develop a connection with nature.  The Circle is a container created for you to gather with other women to be held in a supportive energy in a space to root and anchor, to step out of survival mode, and to become present and rooted in love with no judgement and with the freedom to express yourself. 

Our time together in the Flower Therapy Wreath Making Workshop and Circle is a  beautiful combo of Circle holding and physical energetic creation, held by me, doing what I love most; teaching people how to create something with flowers, to feel their energy, whilst deepening a connection with themselves and Mother Nature.


Join me in this workshop where you can do it from the comfort of your home, via zoom with friends or family.

You don’t need any experience, just a table, and your willingness to tap into your creativity to create yourself a wreath that represents an expression of yourself.  You can join in with friends and family from the comfort of your own home.

As I know there are some people who are overseas that would love to take part, there are two ways to join in the workshop.

For the investment of £65 - if you live in the UK you can join the Workshop and Circle and have the foliage and flowers delivered to you.  This price includes postage.  If you want to provide your own foilage and flowers please see Overseas below.

For the investment of £35,  you can join the Workshop and Circle with the choice of your own foliage and flowers, this will be a beautiful way for you to enhance your connection with Mother Nature and all she offers, as you follow your intuition and guidance to gather what you feel you need for your wreath.  

  • A - £35 – Is for you to join the workshop as I teach you about floral energy and how to create your wreath, with you providing the materials yourself.  Upon signing up I will share with you the different ways you can obtain your foliage and necessary equipment.  
  • B - £65 – This is for you to join the workshop as I teach you about floral energy and how to create your wreath, providing you with the materials, foliage and flowers that you will need. 

If you are selecting option B (to have your materials provided and posted), please sign up by Monday 21st of March.  This gives me time to add your name to the order for the flowers and foliage,  allowing time to post the materials out to you in time for the workshop. 

You will find your Flower Therapy a happy and relaxing experience, filled with fun and enjoyment as you spend a few hours in the company of like-minded people. 

Your link to the zoom session will be sent to you when you have booked your place, along with further information of what you would need for the event.  This may take a few hours depending on your time zone and the time you signed up, as the payment system is not an automated service, it will be me responding by email.. 

Please check your spam, social or promotions boxes for follow up emails. 

I look forward to being in the workshop with you, as you tap into your creativity, become present with yourself, connect with the energy of flowers, and sit in Circle on reflection of your creation. 

Select your choice below to book your place.

Date:   Saturday 26th March 2022
3pm to 6pm (GMT)
Online - Zoom
Price:  £35 or £65