Wellbeing in the Workplace

Health and well-being in the office is becoming such an important part of office life.  In the City, the banks offer massages at the desk for traders to relax, companies are now understanding that employees need time to relax their mind and shut down for a moment, to recharge.  In some offices you can find a place where employers can sit and unwind and even lay down to get 40 winks or a power nap.

My purpose for wellbeing in the office, is to bring nature to you when it is not around you, or time does not permit you to leave the office to go out for some fresh air. 

Bringing the energy of flowers into the office has so many benefits, one is the immediate captivating effect that seeing flowers has when you first lay eyes on them and another is with the energy of the flowers getting in motion to work on you as their natural healing energy begins to relax the mind with just their presence. 

When we work with nature or just set the intention to connect with nature in my case with the flowers, nature's spirits begin to do their work.  Once you connect with the energy of the flowers you will begin to feel a sense of relaxation as you start to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your thoughts as you quieten down your mind.

Having a chance to close down the mind with a short meditation and connecting to nature is a great way to unwind for a short time, like taking a power nap, it's giving you a chance to breathe, a chance to catch your breath and tune into what may be troubling or laying heavily on your mind.  This gives you time and space to acknowledge it, address it and release it.

With Mother Nature's flowers I bring a sense of calm and mental stillness to the office, giving staff a chance to have a little time out to filter their thoughts, and reconnect to the natural rhythm of their breath. 

It is being said more and more that connecting with mother nature is one way to help reduce stress and anxiety.  With bringing the flowers into your office I give you and your staff the opportunity to learn about the energy of flowers and how to connect with nature to calm the mind and to get a reconnection with themselves. 

Feeling the energy of flowers can be a different experience for each individual person, as I teach you how we all feel energy differently due to our individuality and uniqueness.  Knowing which way suits you, gives you the tools to take time out in nature and make a connection with the flowers on your own, to help you relax, unwind, reduce your stress and anxiety.

For your connection and experience with the power of flowers contact me to discuss your requirements and to make a booking for a relaxing session with your staff.  Duration 1 hour - from £188.

Take time out for some relaxation and down time.  You also get to keep the flowers to take home or keep in the office, so they keep catching your attention.

This is what one company had to say about a session of wellbeing in their office.

"Yvette came to our office and held a beautiful Power of the Flowers lunchtime event for the women's network group. She was so calm and confident and easy to work with organising the event. The participants were really engaged with the activities, it was a beautiful experience to share and learn about the power of flowers. Very eye opening and refreshing. I would highly recommend Yvette if you want to explore the power of flowers and how it may benefit you."
Deborah Mendes - GE