Open up the Gateway to your Heart

The emotions we feel can be reflected in nature in so many ways, from hearing a bird song, seeing butterflies to noticing flowers catching your eye.  Seeing these sights can make you feel happy and light.

Our emotions can also affect us negatively as planted seeds in our heart, and as the blood is pumped around our body and moves to other parts, the negativity can remain like wounds, and get stuck in different areas, causing blockages.

Using flowers as tools to help move energy through and around us is such a wonderful thing that nature offers us to help with our wellbeing and emotions.  The energy of the Red Rose has so much to offer us, its energy is one that can aid us in healing wounds of our hearts, it helps us to open our hearts to love so we can receive more love.  The healing energy of the rose can help us to release blockages within our body moving it through our heart, openeing up the gateway for us to speak with the vibration of love.  It is one of the highest frequencies found in flowers with a vibration of 320mhz, helping us to vibrate on a higher frequency to attract the love that we deserve.

The Circle

Our gathering in Circle will be based on a meditative journey around love as it flows to the places in our body that need awakening, unlocking and healing.  It may be to our heart to heal and melt away old wounds of the heart, to our throat allowing us and enabling us, to speak from a place of love, where words flow with the energy of love.  It may take us to our stomach where we hold so many emotions, the place we feel the butterflies of excitement and discomfort when we feel unease.

To gather in this Circle is to be in a place of no judgement, it’s a space for you to be held, heard and witnessed, in a container for you to breathe, connect, exhale and release with yourself and others as Yvette Munasinghe, facilitates and guides you in your journey.  

The energy that has come through for this Circle is around Father Healing, as we heal father issues the universe becomes more expansive and giving towards us.  We have the healing energy for our throats and the vibration of the words that move through it for us to speak.  We also have healing energy for the heart, for healing any wounds that are lingering there.  The energy of protection will be helping us quieten our mind so we can process any fear, and embrace the uncertainties.

Do you feel that you ...

  • Need to do some work on dissolving old traumas and want to stop holding on to what no longer serves you.
  • Want to let go of fearing the unknow.
  • Need to work on any unhealed father issues or need to release old anger, grief or fear towards a father figure.
  • Feel a block within you for speaking your truth to yourself and to others.
  • Need to heal wounds of your heart from loss, grief or hurt.
  • Are looking to attract love or unlock stagnant energy causing blocks in your emotions.

The Red Rose can be masculine at times with her energy, as she guides you to release, let go, or heal.  She does so with love, and passion as she gently yet reassuringly, aids you in what it is that you need from her.  She will carry and hold you, and reassure that what is taking pace is right for you.

Circles I have held with the energy of the Red Rose have had different energies each time, they have taken the women who attended on journeys to connect with their spirit babies, cleanse wounds of the heart, heal energy and get a better understanding around broken relationships.  It has awakened the fire within them to love themselves more and connect with loved ones who hold a place in their hearts.

Do you feel the need to create some time for yourself, to be held in different energy to what you are used to?
Are you feeling to explore and connect to the messages of your body or heart?
Is your heart calling out to receive more love or to speak more words of love to yourself or others?

I invite you to join me and be part of the 8 women who will come together, gather and hold each other in the energy of love..

I will also share some tips and techniques with you around connecting with the flowers.

When and Where

Open the Gateway to your Heart will be held in a group of 8 people, conducted via zoom, at 7pm until 9pm on Sunday 13th February 2022, setting you up for you to vibrate on a higher frequency of love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

When you sign up, you will receive a link to the Zoom session, along with further details of what will take place.  This may take a few hours to be sent to you as the payment system is not an automated service, it will be me responding to the email I receive.

Please check your spam, social or promotions boxes for follow up emails.

Your Investment


I look forward to being together in Circle with you.