Yvette Munasinghe, The Spiritual Flower Lady, teaches you how to connect to the therapeutic energy of flowers as one of nature’s healing tools, she is an Intuitive Flower Healer, Circle Holder and Flower Reader, working with the energy of flowers in all that she does intuitively sharing their messages of guidance and love.

Through Flower Therapy Workshops, Programmes, Circles, Flower Healing and Guidance she helps women who have felt a sense of loss with their identity, or who are looking for a sense of direction, reconnect to themselves, to reignite a passion that burns within and reignite a fire, enabling a healing energy, which brings a deeper connection with themselves and in return Mother Nature.

Yvette's soul purpose is to help people heal from within by sharing the healing power of flowers in all that she does, so they reconnect with themselves, using flowers as a tool to see what messages Mother Nature has and to see the beauty of flowers with different eyes.

Her Soul's purpose is to help you to heal from within by sharing the healing power of flowers, so you can reconnect with yourself using flowers as a tool to see what messages Mother Nature has for you so you, as you begin to see flowers through different eyes, eyes that don't  just see the beauty alone but the loving energy behind each one; opening you up to a deeper connection to flowers, yourself and to Mother Nature. 

We are all part of the web in Mother's creation.