In Loving Memory

Flowers can reflect a person, a message you want to convey or something you choose to symbolise your relationship. 

They are a beautiful way for you to get your chance to say a final "I love you" or a "farewell" to someone who was near and dear to you.

Arranging floral tributes for a funeral, cremation or memorial service can be a little over whelming to begin with.  A consultation with me can put your mind at ease as we discuss, your requirements and reflect on your loved one together with their likes, dislikes, love, favourite colours and their passion in life.

I offer you a helping hand, to guide you through choosing the flowers that you want to represent your loved one.  You will find that as you look at the flowers you want for your arrangement, you begin to see that there is more to flowers than what you normally did, you'll begin to see them as a reflection of the loved one you are choosing them for.  

When creating your bespoke flower arrangements in memory of your loved one, my intention is set,  that the energetic properties and profound wisdom of each flower used to be received by those it is created for.

It is from this point that my heart and soul get set to work, creating flower arrangements with empathy, where you can feel the love poured into the creations presented, and that you walk away, feeling the energy of everything that has been transferred into the work, magnifying the energetic property of each flower.

My intention is to have the flowers selected to bring a special meaning and energy; flowers to represent the memory of your loved one.

There is a meaning that lies behind each flower in every arrangement created, which are conveyed to you and the loved one you have lost.

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A little note of keepsake for you

For every arrangement created, I provide a personalised message containing the meanings and energy of the flowers that accompany them.

A message which reflects the flowers being sent out is something that I do with most of my arrangements.   When it comes to sympathy tributes it is done as a reflection of the love being sent out to your loved ones and also a message for you to find comfort during this difficult time.

Our cycles in life can be reflected in Nature, as she shows us the cycles she goes through, with the, flowers, plants and trees, with the trees shedding their leaves in the Autumn, exposing the structure that sits beneath, baring all in the Winter for us to see.  She then gives us hope with the first signs of Spring with the flower shoots raising their heads above ground and the buds showing up in the trees.  She reminds us again when Summer comes how we flourish and blossom once again after existing the dark months. 

When we lose a loved one, it can shatter our lives, we have this sense of loss and bewilderment within ourselves.  When we look at Nature, she gives us hope in reminding us that light comes after dark, and that flowers grow in the most adverse conditions.  We will move through the storm, the sadness, the loneliness and the darkness, shedding part of ourselves as we learn to live without our loved ones and as we move through a new chapter in our lives.  It's where our journey with grief begins.

Sympathy Tributes

A Round Wreath is a classic go to floral tribute which is a great addition to accompany other floral tributes. 

The symbol of the wreath is like that of a circle - there is no beginning and no ending.  It is ever continuing, just as the love we have for those we have lost.

The White funeral wreath made with the white rose aiding a gentle transition for a loving member of the family, with white freesia's as an expression of being in our thoughts.
Prices start from: £60.00

Personalise Tribute this is where you may feel you want something specific to represent the relationship with your loved one, or something that symbolises a part of them.
Prices can vary on what is required.  The image in the picture was priced at £225 - size 24" x 36".

An Open Heart Wreath is a wonderful floral tribute to represent your heart felt love, to a loved one as a personal statement.

The open heart in this picture is 23" and was made with 100 red roses to represent a mother's love.  Red Roses are wonderful flowers to help heal wounds of the heart.
Prices start from: £100.00

Casket Spray

A Casket Spray is the main floral arrangement that sits on top of the casket lid, it is the main floral tribute usually presented by the immediate family. 

This casket spray in the picture was created to represent a mother's garden, containing, Carnations, Calla Lily, Roses; all of the flowers she loved to grow. 

Prices start from: £140.00

Funeral Letters GRANDMA

Sympathy Letters

Funeral Letters are a way to write out your loved ones name or representing the relationship they had with you. 

The letters are created with green foliage for the edging with the main flowers of Chrysanthemums to form the letters.  Alternatively, you can have ribbon as an edging to your letters.  

The flowers used can vary for each individual order.  Please see the Sympathy gallery for more images.
£35/£40 per letter.