White Roses to Offer Comfort and Support

"White Roses:  Flowers to cleanse energy, and bring peace in your walk with grief"

“Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved.   Where there is deep grief, there was great love.” 

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the toughest experiences that anyone can face.  For those who are going through the grieving process, it can be hard to see the beauty in anything that surrounds them.

There is something undeniably healing about nature, and all that she offers.  Flowers are a wonderful way to convey emotions and offer support during difficult times, and this where these beautiful white roses come in.

This box of beautiful white roses is the perfect gift when things become calmer in grief, to show someone you care. Whether it's a friend, family member, or colleague who has lost a loved one, these roses are a thoughtful and elegant expression of your condolences and sympathy. White Roses carry the energy to help cleanse away any low emotions, helping people to heal and move through transitions in life, providing space for hope and renewal.  These roses are sure to bring a sense of peace and comfort to anyone who receives them, with their delicate petals and pure white colour.

They are a symbol of hope, peace, and love, encompassed with the blessing I give them in preparation, when sending them out to aid in bringing someone comfort in their walk with grief, letting them know they do not walk alone and that there is always someone to walk with them.

This gift box of white roses allows the recipient to receive some flower therapy as they arrange them in their own time, and begin to create a mindful moment with themselves, by gently unwrapping the gift box, and removing the roses one stem at a time from what has been holding them in their journey.  The roses can be placed in a vase, arranged as a memorial display, and kept close by as a reminder of the love and support that surrounds them.  As our roses are carefully selected and tenderly arranged, once they have drank water, recovered and been revitalised from their journey they will last for days, bringing comfort and beauty for as long as possible.

Grief is a communal cup we all drink from. - Francis Weller

Your White Roses Gift Box

"Creating a mindful moment with loss"

It's a wonderful chance to gift someone flowers for themselves, especially if at a funeral held there were instructions on no flowers to be presented.

The gift box will contain ten white roses and some foilage wrapped in tissue waiting to be unwrapped.  A note is enclosed with instructions on  the energy of the White Rose and how it can help during sacred moments of grief.  There are guidelines how to prepare the space to have your personal moment with grief by putting time aside to be held in the energy of the flowers as the momentum for the intention with the flowers is set.

At this time of grief, it's important to remember that every small gesture of kindness and support can make a difference. If you’re looking to offer comfort and support during times of grief, and offer someone you care for a flower experience, our box of beautiful white roses is a simple yet powerful way to show someone that you care.

Whatever type of grief you know someone is going through, whether, divorce, the loss of a loved one, pet, finances, surgery or anything else that brings up the emotion of loss, these white roses will make a wonderful gift to let someone know you are thinking about them.  It is also a wonderful gift for yourself if you want to present yourself with some sacred time to be carried in your own grief.

Your gift box contains:
10 x Blessed White Avalanche Roses with some foliage, tenderly wrapped in soft tissue and tied with ribbon, in a gift box.  The roses will open up to reveal large flower heads due to the stems being long in length, giving the rose a longer vase life.
1 x instruction sheet on how to arrange your flowers, (creating a therapuetic mindful flower moment).
1 x instruction sheet on "A Moment with Your Loss" (an invitation with information on how to make the most of time that has been set aside for the person receiving the flowers to tend to themselves).

Price £50.00 - includes postage and packaging.

Orders must be in by midnight on the Tuesday of each week this service is offered (dates shown below) for the roses to be ordered in time and posted on the Thursday of the same week. 
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A customers experience.
"Today, I received something very special in the post. A parcel, not from on line shopping, or any catalogue but a parcel which stated, handle with care. So I opened the parcel with a lot of care as I knew instantly looking at the carefully long stemmed white roses lying top to toe in this long box, were the most beautiful white roses I have been waiting to see. 

At first, they looked as if they were asleep, limp and tired after their long journey. After I tendered to the roses, following all the instructions carefully.  I set the vase of white roses on the table for a few hours to soak up the nourishment and water they all needed after a long journey and in just a few hours, to my delight all the roses that were tired and limp suddenly stood up strong and bright white. The most beautiful pure white roses without a single flaw stood tall and took my breadth away. 

Looking at these beautiful blooms gave me a peace of mind I never knew I had within me, and of course they brought tears to my eyes as my thoughts drifted to my dearest sister I had lost a few weeks back. It was the best thanks giving to her I could ever think of.  Suddenly, I felt at peace, as she was in Heaven now smiling down on me.  She had received my message with love and thanks. 

I couldn't think of a better way to show my love to my dearest sister.

Dear Yvette, thank you so much for helping me in my sadest moment."