Standing in Your Power

These are online sessions, where we connect to the energy of three  flowers to aid in connecting you with your personal power, weaving in the laws of spirituality to success. 

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The Pink Rose
Self confidence
Law of potentiality
15th February - 7pm - 9pm

No longer available.



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The Camellia

Finding yourself
Law of cause and effect
14th March - 7pm - 9pm

No longer available.



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The Gerbera

Allow yourself to receive
Law of giving

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Your personal power

Is your energy center that generates your self-esteem and self-empowerment. It helps you to stand up for what you want, what is right for you and how you want to live your life being you.

All three of these flowers work with you connecting with your solar plexus, and your heart chakra.  The solar plexus  is where you hold the energy of who you are, It is a place you hold your self-esteem,  confidence and will power.  This is your core which absorbs so much from what you do on a daily basis.  It absorbs all that you look at and listen to every day.  It's the place where you find you'll check in on to see where you are in the thoughts on yourself.  If working on chakras are new to you, or you don't feel you have a connection to them, you can think of it as connecting with yourself on the part of your stomach just above your naval button.  When it comes to the heart chakra just think about the space within your heart. 

What you have to say to yourself, about yourself comes from you stomach, the energy rises up and becomes the words that leave your mouth to speak about you, and that will be how you are feeling about yourself.  If you're not feeling great about yourself, this can bring you to say negative things, which means you've by passed your heart space and let the words comes out.  If you are feeling good about yourself then positive words will flow from your mouth.

You can easily step out of your personal power by allowing someones negative words to effect the way we feel about yourself, allowing somebody to make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome or by thinking people maybe have negative things to say about you.

Is there someone who is currently having a negative impact on you in the way you feel about yourself?
Do you rely on a title that society has placed on you to indicate a level of power you have within yourself ? 
Do you compliment others on their beauty but struggle to compliment yourself and see the beauty that sits within you?
Are you simply not feeling good enough?

From your solar plexus you can can feel a dip in your personal power, self-esteem and confidence when you have downgraded yourself, and begin to feel like you are not good enough as you compare yourself to others. 

When you get to know the way that you are supposed to be, accepting yourself for who you are in your own unique way, it is from this place that you will begin to stand in your own power, maintaining your own strength.  

There are times when you can feel wounded in this area, It could be:

  • a title in your life changes and you are no longer the person you once were, as your role has changed.
  • when your children leave home and you wonder what to do with yourself, there is no one relying on you.
  • when you retire and are no longer held in a position with a title.
  • becoming a mother with the feeling of will you be good enough, and compare yourself to the ability of other mothers. 
  • you feel wounded from a break up with a partner.

There are so many scenarios where change takes place and you allow your personal power to diminish, it can feel like your inner flame is no longer burning bright but just smouldering, it can feel like you've stepped away from the core of who we are.  When you focus your attention on this area and begin to rebuild yourself, with love and the attention you deserve and tune into healing any wounds that sit within there, you begin to feel different, stronger, and more confident. 
You will:

  • allow yourself to say no, without having to explain yourself.
  • create boundaries for yourself.
  • stand tall and speak up for what feels right and what you believe in.


The session is for you to connect with yourself and hear the voice of your intuition much clearer with any of your cliar senses.  Flowers connect with your intuition, they take the back door into your world, allowing you to have a deeper connection with yourself, to hear the whispers of your intuition more clearly and as another tool to help navigate your world.  Flowers hold a silent conversation with you, allowing you create a mindful moment with yourself.  When you begin to connect with flowers you begin to see them appear for you, they show up as universal messages, (like a feather appearing for you, letting you know that a loved one is near) letting you know if there is anything that you need to be doing for yourself, or they may show up for you as an affirmation for something you have done.

During the session you will be working with the energy of the flowers and the messages they hold, connecting and relating them to your personal power, and where you may feel it is affecting you.  We will be working with the energy of the flowers and entwining it with three of the  laws of spirituality:  

The Law of Pure Potentiality (knowing who you are), working with the Pink Rose, you connect to the energy of your self-confidence, your inner beauty, and being content with who you are.

The Law of Karma - cause and effect (what can I learn from this lesson), working with the Camellia, you connect with the energy of finding yourself again, overcoming loss, and a reminder you that you are loveable.

The Law of Giving (flow with the energy of exchange), working with the Gerbera you correct with the inbalance you may have in life with always giving and not allowing yourself to recieve.  The Gerbera energy also helps you to attract different friendships, this may replace the ones that are constantly taking and not giving anything back to you in return..

The session will take place online via Zoom.  When you have made your purchase you will receive a welcome email and the link to join.

You can book your place to work with one flower that stands out to you, or all three flowers to feel into the different ways your personal power can be helped with the different energy that all three flowers carry with them.
You can purchase each one individually at the top of the page or select the button below to purchase all three and receive a saving of £9.00.

I look forward to being session with you connecting with the power of flowers and working with the laws of spirituality.