About Me

Hello, I’m Yvette, I go by the name of the Spiritual Flower Lady.  I am a Flower Arranger, Flower Therapist, and an Intuitive Healer and Space Holder.  I work with the energy of flowers in all that I do by sharing their messages of guidance and love with you.

Through Flower Readings, Workshops, Intuitive Healing and Programmes I bring the connection of spirit and flowers to you. 

Over the past years I have discovered the energetic connection that flowers have with us, with our emotions and well-being, clearing away, our worries, anxiety and negativity, bringing us back to balance.

I am sharing what I call my flower Journey with you.  I have always been in love with flowers; as a child, picking daisies in the park or occasionally helping my late father out in the garden, learning how to "turn that soil", as he would say.  Unfortunately, I do not have my dad's green fingers, but I do love pottering around in my garden.  I have his love for nature and all things that grow, I find it very therapeutic taking in the fresh air, the birds chirping and one of my favourite sounds, the leaves rustling in the breeze.  I may not be great at planting and growing flowers and vegetables like my dad, but his energy still runs through me.   My forte lies in cut flowers; this is where I thrive.


The transition from having an online business providing organic cotton school clothing for children has been quite an organic one (excuse the pun).  Now looking back at it, my clothing company had the same ethos as my flower business, aiding others with healing.  The organic clothing helped children who were suffering from skin conditions to have a bit more comfort throughout their day.  The messages I received from parents who would shared with me the changes they saw in their children from wearing organic cotton clothing was heart-warming to say the least.

What led me to create school clothing made from organic cotton was noticing how my son struggled with his constant itching by being in Teflon coated trousers all day at school.  Organic cotton clothing was a great distraction from his ailments; with the aid of pure cotton allowing his skin to breath.  The beauty of organic cotton is that it is not treated with chemicals helping the journey to better skin condition. 

Working with flowers has showed me another way to be able to help people with their journey through life.  To enable them to embrace the ebb and flow with the twists and turns that life has for us as we expand in ourselves, with growth, knowledge, and experience.  The healing energy of the flowers helps people to keep their energy flowing fluently through the body, connecting to their mind and soul.

I have been on what I call my Flower Journey since the completion of the Business Floral Design Course at the Judith Blacklock Floristry School in Kensington.  My love for flowers has blossomed and I have found a deeper connection to the energy that they hold.  For every arrangement I have made, my connection to flowers has developed on a deeper level, making it more of a spiritual one. My discovery of the energetic properties (you can call it the spirit or the essence of the flower) changed my connection with flowers forever, having learned all about the energy and the messages that flowers hold for us.

My true understanding of this energy was through the eye of the Ranunculus, it drew me in to feel it’s energy with the understanding that you can be both powerful and gentle simultaneously.  It’s petals seemed so delicate yet strong, its outward structure appeared vulnerable with its delicacy but yet it would take a lot to tear it down.

My flower connection with the spirit of the Ranunculus sent me on a deeper spiritual journey, connecting with flowers, meeting people and learning about different healing modalities, learning how to connect with Archangels and understanding the Shamanic energy that was flowing through me.   The tools that I have gathered along my walk through life, have helped me to quieten my mind from the outside noise, to go more within for my answers, and to keep the fire that burns within me alight.  It has allowed me to become more present in my mind.

I got a little lost along the way with juggling the many balls of life, caring for my children, being the wife, housekeeper, working and wearing the many hats that we as parents, carers and everyday people get caught up in.  After closing my business with the Organic Children’s School Clothing, I recall the times I spent daydreaming, looking out into the distance with a feeling that something is missing.  I was totally happy, with bringing up my children, having a happy home, a loving husband, and no real complaints but there was something niggling away inside of me, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.   I discovered it was a flame inside of me, that represented a part of me that was not burning bright but just flickering inside like a spark waiting to ignite.  

From this point I was led into the direction of flowers, I begun understanding my deeper connection with the flowers when I completed the Robert Reeves Flower Therapy Healing Certification Course.  This gave me a certification to back up what I already knew was inside of me.  His beautiful way of teaching how to connect with the flowers and the angels entwined with the healing energy that was running through for me led me to a path of flower healing.

I have opened up to many more gifts within me, doing Shamanic journeying, Akashic Record Readings and connecting to and enhancing the power of the flowers, enabling me to act as a channel to bring more energy to my healing sessions and into my flower creations.  Life was a blank canvas when my father passed away several years ago, which meant that anything could be created, that led me to create Flower Therapy Workshops, programmes and various workshops and even my very own Power of Flower Healing Certification Programme.  Each one of these providing mindful moments for us to go deeper within.

Continuing to walk the path with the gift that Mother Nature provides allowing us to conntect to the natural healing energy of the flowers, has helped me reconnect with myself more and check in regularly to focus on things that light me up.   It is from this place that I realised, when other women worked with me and the flower energy, they were reconnecting to a part of themself.  It seemed to be a connection with their inner child, their self-esteem or confidence.  This has led me to understand that my Flower Therapy Workshops not only enabled you to tap into your creativity with creating your flower arrangement, but it also held the element of Circles, a space I held for women to gather and share their stories as they opened up aspects of themselves being amongst other like-minded individuals.  We are all connected with each other by an invisible thread, bringing healing. 

The reconnection to oneself is what the energy of flowers brings to my readings, workshops, programmes and healing.  It is the energy of relaxation, the holding of space for you to close down your mind as you shut out the noise and reconnect to the voices of you inner self.  My Programmes and Workshops provide you the space to tune into what is truly going on within you.  It guides you to be more present in your mind a community for holding space for your internal thoughts.

The beauty in the flower connections can take your breath away with how you feel and what you hear, the aha moments, the cleansing and releasing, leaving you plenty of space to refill with love. 

"The gift of a flower to oneself is to feed one's soul, you don't have to rely on anyone else to feed it for you".
The Spiritual Flower Lady