Cost:  £25.00

This is an online Flower Therapy Workshop to be held inside a closed Facebook Group, run by Yvette Munasinghe of Lomasi (Power of Flowers)


Monday 11th February - 15th February 2019

Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February 2019


Soul Connection Flower Therapy - Facebook group

Price: 25

You do not have to have any previous experience in working with flowers to join.

Book your space - Week 1

Book your space - Week 2


The Workshop ................

My Flower Therapy Workshops help you to develop a connection with flowers and tap into the creativity that is within.  We all lead such busy lives, this workshop gives you a chance to take time out and connect with yourself, allowing you to not worry about your future, what has happened in your past and provides you time to be present in your mind.

As the workshop is being held in the month of February and love will be in the air, the workshop is based around just that.  We find it so easy to give love to others and yet many of us are not open to receiving or showing love to ourselves. This will be a therapeutic way to do just that.

This workshop will be based online and will be one you can do at your own leisure by following the video tutorials as well as guides set up for you. This will include me joining you online on selected dates to discuss the lessons you will be taking and going over materials you need which will give you the opportunity to post questions as you go along.

Upon joining the group, you will receive details of the flowers that will be required for the workshop. You will need to place this order with a florist before the workshop commences. To avoid disappointment, please order your flowers a week before the workshop.

Please note, the cost of the workshop does not cover the cost of your flowers.

There are two dates for the workshop to choose from.  Week 1 - 11th-15th February.   Week 2 - 18th-22nd February.

A link to the Facebook Group will be sent once your place has been booked.


Shhh ................

We will begin with a short meditation giving you a chance to connect with yourself and bring you into your present mind.

You will be shown how to do a “Single Flower Meditation”, which will help you connect with the energy of the flower of your choice.


Creativity and Connectivity ...............

You will be guided on how to condition your flowers in preparation for you to create your spiral bouquet.  As you will be relaxed at this time, you are now ready to tap into your creativity, where you will begin to learn how to prepare your flowers to create a spiral bouquet.  You will also learn tips on how to maintain and care for your flower arrangement.


Flower Energy ................

At the end of the workshop, we will discuss the meaning of each flower that has been intuitively selected.

After your Flower Therapy Workshop, you will be feeling relaxed, happy and recharged with a sense of achievement.  This is the Power of Flowers.


The Workshop can still be attended even if you do not want to purchase flowers to create a bouquet on your chosen date.  You can still engage in the meditation, which you can download and keep. You will take away with you the knowledge of how to do a “Single Flower Meditation”, you will have been shown how to create a professional Spiral bouquet and how to prepare and take care of flowers.

The details for all the materials you require, and the flowers you will need to order will be provided when you have signed up and booked your place.

Book your space - Week 1

Book your space - Week 2



"I loved my workshop experience.  It helped me explore my creative side and now I'm happy to buy flowers I love and arrange them myself; not as good as a profressional but with more practice it will be.  I'm glad I took part and with the help of a good tutor, with patience. I really enjoyed it"