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Flower Guidance Session

A Flower Oracle Reading Session, not only provides you with the guidance that you will need, but it also helps you to connect with Mother Nature by showing you which flower has a message for you which you can find out in nature.

Having a chance to close down the mind with a short meditation and connecting to nature is a great way to unwind for a short time.  It's like taking a power nap, it's giving you a chance to breathe, a chance to catch your breath.

This is a way to help you connect with Mother Nature's beautiful flowers as you tap into and awaken your own abilities.
A way of getting you to hear the whispers of your intuition.

There is nothing like the wonderful natural benefits of flower energy to enhance the morale of staff, to bring calmness into your waiting room or to invigorate your sales team.
A flower specifically for you can make a great difference to the well-being in your workplace, your clients and the energy that flows through your office.

Intuitive Healing and Flower Healing is all about using channeled energy and the energy of flowers, to bring a relaxing, calm flow of energy, to your mind, body and soul.


If you love flowers and are interested in learning
how to create a professional spiral bouquet and gain some knowledge on professional tips on how to look after cut flowers then this workshop is for you.  
You will also learn about the healig energy of flowers.
.  No previous experience is necessary.

Sowing the Seeds of Something New
Start your new year on the first day of spring. 
This workshop will help you let go of the winter blues to relight your fire and open up your pathways to a new year. 
Feel your energy increase, as you gather strength and feel empowered to set your intentions for what you truly desire.