Whenever I create a flower arrangement for an, event, special occasion or workshop, I am intuitively guided to the flowers selected to bring a special meaning and energy; flowers to represent the event, the individual, the occasion or brand.

For each bouquet and every flower arrangement created, I provide you with the meaning behind the main flowers in your arrangement and deliver a message created just for you, and your occasion.

There are a couple of ways the energy of flowers can be used for you in your business.  It could be an arrangement to convey the ethos of your company, the colours associated with your company or logo, what you and your company stand for or the intention behind your event or special occasion.  All this can be conveyed by the energetic property of each flower used, whether it be by colour, scent, arrangement or structure of the flower.

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Another way is by having a Flower Guidance Reading, for your business.  I will ascertain the energy of your business, work with the ethos of your company and your energy to arrive at the three flowers that can be used in your workspace to enhance a modality that you use or to amplify the principles of your company.

Having the energy of a particular flower that is right for your and your company, can make a great difference to the well-being in your workplace, to your clients and the energy that flows through your office as a whole.

Imagine how good it would feel, if you had a flower arrangement on your desk that helped you keep focused on reaching your goals or helped you with the energy of bringing in more money or clients into your business.  How wonder would it be if you had a particular flower on your office wall that represented the energy that is your company and every person that entered your premises received the message you convey with so much clarity.

Eg. If you were a company that helped people to rehabilitate you could have flowers around your offices that held the energy to cleanse and detox, people, places or situations.  This would be like an extra boost towards helping your clients to heal.

Flower arrangement to reflect an occasion.

The energy of flowers can affect the well-being of everyone involved in your business, from the models on your photoshoot to the photographer taking the picture or from the mailroom to the boardroom.  There is nothing like the wonderful natural benefits of flower energy to enhance the morale of staff, to bring calmness into your waiting room or to invigorate your sales team.

To find out what flowers you need to bring into your business, to aid your modality, help your clients to develop a trust in your services or to bring in a sense of well-being to your staff to perform their jobs with a sense of calm you can contact me, it will be my pleasure to assist you.

In your Flowers for your Business Package, I will have a quick chat with you about yourself and your company, so I can feel the energy of you and your business.  You will receive, images of the three flowers that came up for you, to benefit you and your company, they are flowers that could be used to in your company workspace as flower arrangements or as an image that can be used as an energetic aid to your modality or your business as it hangs on your walls.  You will receive a written report on the flowers that came up for you and information on what they represent for you and your work.

To book your Business Flower Guidance Session with me for just £125.00, you can find out what flowers can aid you in your company to amplify what you represent or want to have aid the well-being of you and your staff.

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